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Buyers Brief

TV One S2-105CVA Routing Switcher

TV One’s S2-105CVA 5x2 routing switcher accommmodates analog audio and composite video signals. It may be operated in a standalone manner, with control via front panel buttons, or controlled remotely via an RS-232 interface or infrared remote.

The switcher features BNC video connections, barrier strips for audio interconnections, and is available for use with either balanced or unbalanced audio sources and destinations.

The S2-105CVA router is supplied for use in desktop applications, with an optional single/ dual rack-mounting kit also available. It operates from an external 12 VDC power supply which is included with the router.

For additional information, contact TV One at 800-721-4044 or

IHSE USA DracoTera Router

The Draco Tera is an enterprise-level routing system for switching DVI, HD-KVM and other signals. It’s highly scalable and is available in configurations with as many as 288 ports.

The routing system accommodates video resolutions up to 2560 x 1600 at 60 Hz, with 24-bit color depth. It also handles analog and digital audio signals.

The Draco Tera can be supplied with several interface options, including CAT copper and single and multimode fiber. Its FlexPort technology allows any of its ports to be used for either input or output, and its fiber ports can provide connectivity of up to 80 km.

For additional information, contact IHSE USA at 732-738-8780 or

Sony Electronics IXS6700 Integrated Routing System

Sony’s IXS6700 integrated routing systems handles SD/HD SDI video, AES/EBU and analog audio, as well as RS-422A/RS-485 data and control signals all within the same chassis. The unit is housed in 8RUs, making it ideal for used in space-limited environments. The switcher architecture allows input/output assignments on up to 16 levels.

The switcher is available with both S-BUS and Ethernet control systems, and can be equipped for up to 128 video inputs with 136 outputs, and up to 256 AES/EBU inputs with 272 outputs.

The IXS6700 accommodates multi-rate digital video from 143 Mbps up to 1.485 Gbps.

For additional information, contact Sony Electronics at 201-930-1000 or visit

Ensemble Designs Avenue 9430/9440 Flexible Matrix Router

Ensemble Designs’ Avenue 9430/9440 Flexible Matrix routers provide users with real-time thumbnail video displays of signals being switched, as well as source and destination information.

Router matrices are not pre-established, allowing purchasers to create a configuration precisely suited to their needs. The basic size is 8 x 2; however, this may be expanded to 28 x 2, 8 x 22, or other configurations. (Maximum size is 15 x 15.) The basic 8x2 router module occupies only one slot in an Avenue, or 3/10 of an RU. A fully configured router system requires only three slots.

The Flexible Matrix routers provide signal processing in addition to switching functions, including frame synchronization of all sources, and also include built-in diagnostics.

For additional information contact Ensemble Designs at 530-478-1830 or

Eyeheight NS-41 Routing Switcher

Eyeheight’s NS-41 is a simple 4x1 digital video routing switcher that’s designed for SDI standard-definition video signals. The unit features mechanical relay bypassing on its number one input and is designed to operate in Eyeheight’s FB-9E etherbox 1RU chassis system. The chassis frame accommodates up to six NS-41 routing switcher cards.

The NS-41 routing switcher works with both NTSC 525/60 and PAL 625/50 video standards and performs switching operations nonsynchronously, so no external reference signal is necessary. It may be used with either Eyeheight’s FP-9 or FP-10 remote control panels.

For additional information contact Eyeheight at 623-328-5800 or

For-A MRF Series Routing Switchers

For-A’s MFR series small and medium size routing switchers are designed for multiformat switching applications, accommodating SD, HD, 3G, and ASI signals.

The MFR-3232 provides 32 input and 32 output capability, the MFR-3216 is configured for 32 inputs and 16 outputs, and the MFR-1616 provides 16 x 16 switching. All routers automatically recognize input signal types and can de delivered with a redundant power system.

These small- and medium-scale routers incorporate many of the features available in For-A’s larger MFR-5000 router, source name tracking, tally connections for external devices, and interfacing that allows multiple routing switchers to be linked.

For additional information, contact For-A Corporation of America at 201-944-1132 or

Multidyne EOS-4000 Electro- Optical Routers

Multidyne’s EOS-4000 series of electro-optical switchers are available in matrix sizes ranging from 16 x 16 to 288 x 288. The routers are designed for digital optical signals and are ideal for switching SD/ HD/3G SDI digital video, DVI single and dual link, HDMI, RGV-HV, and other signals up to 10 Gbps.

The EOS-4000s incorporates modular construction, making it easy to increase the switching capacity of an existing system just by adding I/O blades. Modules, including power supplies, blades, the network management module and SFP and XFP transceivers are all hot-swappable.

Units are fully SMPTEcompatible when equipped with SMPTE SFP optics.

For additional information, contact Multidyne Video and Fiber Optic Systems at 516- 671-7278 or

Pesa Jaguar 3 Fiber Optic Router

Pesa’s Jaguar 3 series router provides 64 x 64 switching of high-definition television signals delivered via fiber ports.

The 2RU routing switcher uses vertical mount cages which allow hot-pluggable fiber connectivity to be added in the same backplane space as occupied by standard BNC video connectors.

The Jaguar 3 features MiniCube Miniature Form Pluggable (MFP) transmitter technology and accommodates data rates ranging between 50 Mbps and 3 Gbps, handling all SMPTE- and ITU-standard digital video signals. It also supports digital audio and ancillary signals associated with SDI SD/HD and DVB/ASI sources.

The switcher is designed to save power and is available with an optional redundant power supply.

For additional information, contact Pesa at 800-323-7372 or

Sierra Video Systems Aspen 7272HD-3G

Sierra Video’s Aspen 7272HD-3G router is a compact 4 RU with a depth of less than 2.5 inches. It’s also lightweight, and consumes little power. The unit’s compact frame is particularly ruggedized for mobile environments and rental installations.

The Aspen 7272HD-3G provide signal integrity for cable runs of more than 155 meters at 3 Gbps, and more than 200 meters at 1.5 Gbps. The Aspen’s embedded controller may be run via Ethernet or RS232/422 serial interface, making it easy to integrate the routing system into any automation or control system. Its built-in Web server offers control and setup functions and works with any OS and Web browser.

The Aspen 7272HD-3G routing system also supports programmable front panel control, companion audio routing with break-away control, Dual Link operational mode, embedded audio, and named sources and destinations that can be shared with under monitor displays and multiviewers.

For additional information, contact Sierra Video Systems at 888-886-8875 or