Building4Media connects Sony XDCAM to newsrooms

At IBC2010, Building4Media announced its XMPilot metadata workflow for Sony XDCAM camcorders.

Building4Media's FORK Production Suite integrates with Sony XMPilot to automate the workflow between newsroom control systems and production, ensuring faster and more accurate story ingest, production and archiving.

Together XMPilot and FORK Production Suite improve the typical news flow by building intelligence into media. The metadata follows the media from the field to the newsroom, through editorial, playout and archiving.

A newsroom producer begins by creating assigned stories. The story information is passed from the newsroom system to FORK Production Suite and to Sony XDCAM camcorders via remote laptop and smart phones in the field using XMPilot tools.

Journalists then know what story they are shooting from the information displayed on their mobile devices and in their camcorders, and the reporters can use their devices to add shot information or other planning metadata to the footage. When the video content is transferred into FORK Production Suite, the clips are automatically put into the correct projects and all the planning metadata are mapped into the FORK database.