BTX Technologies Will Showcase New Blox Connectors

At NAB, BTX Technologies will show the ProBlox system, which combines 16 coax and 26 audio/data/control contacts in one multiconnector. The field-terminable system is custom configurable for numerous combinations of VGA, component, composite, balanced and unbalanced audio, data and control signals. Offering 75-ohm video contacts for HD signals, the ProBlox system reduces the number of individual cables needed.

BTX Technologies will also spotlight the MaxBlox CD-MX9M (male) and CD-MX9F (female) DB9 connectors. The patent-pending 9-pin D-sub connectors feature a rugged design, allowing installers to terminate a DB9 with a screwdriver. The connectors can be panel or cable mounted in a MaxBlox CD-MX915H hood.

Optimized for use in any RS-232 or RS-422 applications, the DB9 connectors are manufactured by BTX with Phoenix Contact terminal blocks. They are available in HD15 male and female for VGA applications.

The MaxBlox CD-MX915HH half-hood acts as a full-size hood within a smaller footprint that works exclusively with MaxBlox D-sub connectors.

The MaxBlox CD-MX15M (male) and CD-MX15F (female) 15 pin (HD15) VGA connectors are optimized for A/V applications. Manufactured with Phoenix Contact terminal blocks, the connectors can accommodate wire diameters from .120 inch to .500 inch, and can be panel mounted as standalone connectors or cable mounted when used with the included CD-MX159H clamshell hood.

BTX Technologies will be at Booth C3548.