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Broadway Systems to Demo Broadway Analytics

At NAB, Broadway Systems will showcase Broadway Analytics, a reporting, data analytics and business intelligence system for cable system operators. The solution’s intuitive user-interface performs data warehousing, interactive reporting, analytics, scorecard, and dashboard capabilities to deal, inventory, and revenue analysis by account executive, network, daypart, selling title, program, inventory type or client.

Broadway’s Sales Planning and Proposal software enables cable networks to manage the complexity associated with new sales inventory, changing advertising sales practices, plus stringent business management and control policies. Integrated planning for linear and nonlinear businesses includes support for Google AdSense.

Broadway’s integrated real-time Stewardship system enables a cable network to manage its advertising delivery against client commitments to maximize revenue yields. This lets operators assess and analyze daily or weekly delivery performance and ADU (Audience Deficiency Units) with rating source management, which includes Nielsen overnight, C3 commercial, and support for future ratings sources for such parameters as daypart, demographics, advertiser, agency, and account executive, among others.

Broadway’s Traffic and Billing software integrates sales, programming, and reporting modules to handle late changes, multiple networks, complex deals, and such secondary events as squeeze, DV, logo, CC, and bugs—all scheduled on the same log and exported to master control. The latest software release has a Microsoft Office 2007 style interface integrated with the DART Internet ad serving engine. The automated billing platform can support standard broadcast, Gregorian calendar, end-of-schedule, on-demand, co-op and tiered level billing options.

Broadway Systems will be in Booth N3135.