Broadpeak highlights BkM100

At the 2012 NAB Show, Broadpeak demonstrated how its BkM100 content delivery management system enables the delivery of content to multiple devices.

Using the company’s unified CDN technology, the demonstration showed how on-demand content can be delivered efficiently to multiple devices, while also allowing for the switching between multiple devices, to carry on watching the same content.

The demonstration involved content delivery to multiple screens — a personal computer with Microsoft Silverlight streaming, an iPad with HTTP live streaming, an iPhone with iOS, a set-top box with TS streaming, and an Android-based Galaxy phone with RTSP and HTML5 streaming. Viewers can start watching content on any of these devices, stop and then start the same content from the same point on a different device by pressing just a single button. By sharing streaming information through a CDN component called “cross-terminal module,” the approach enables seamless delivery of content on all devices, irrespective of the devices’ operating systems.