Broadcast Solutions Brings Telia Esports Virtual Studio to Life

BINGEN, Germany—The Telia Esports Series launched in Finland at the end of April and is broadcasted weekly on Finnish national television and internationally through Twitch. The virtual studio utilized for these weekly broadcasts was helped put together with the use of Broadcast Solutions technology.

Virtual studio tools from Broadcast Solutions were applied to pre-existing studio and remote facilities. Telia is using the state-of-the-art remote production hub from Broadcast Solutions that it had previously deployed to cover Finnish ice hockey to assist with the virtual studio. The remote production hub is located 2km from the studio and gaming facility.

For the actual set, Broadcast Solutions brought in technology from virtual reality company Zero Density and applied it to an already existing virtual set. Telia is able to change the virtual set look to its design for its esports program in about 10 seconds. Other productions at the virtual studio are done in 1080i50, whereas the esports production is done in 1080p50; the remote production hub handles the transition for production.

The virtual studio will be the set for an upcoming esports tournament hosted by Telia and the company Assembly.