Broadcast Pix upgrades Slate live video production systems

Broadcast Pix announced the release of Slate Version 7.3, an upgrade to its integrated live video production systems. Version 7.3 features Fluent Macros, a file-based switcher macro memory system. It also provides enhancements to the Fluent Multi-View and the 2 M/E Slate 5000 switcher control panel, as well as support for the new low-cost Slate 100 Control Panel.

Fluent Macros are the only macros that combine switcher moves and file recalls, which is ideal for complicated combinations. They can also include control of robotic cameras, audio mixers and video servers. The new Fluent Macros Editor makes it easy to design with a graphical editor, and the macros can be executed through a player window or from the control panel. Applications include using animated wipe files for transitions in sports coverage, animations and graphic files with multi-box talking head displays for broadcast news, and automated camera moves with graphic and clip files for city council meetings and other government productions.

New Fluent Multi-View enhancements provide automatic layout for 16:9 and 4:3 content on most monitors. In addition, every window is individually resizable, including key windows. The Slate 5000 Control Panel has been upgraded with new memory rows for easy access to macros and snapshot memories, while ME1 and ME2 memory capacity has been increased to 3000 total recalls. Slate Version 7.3 also provides support for the low-cost Slate 100 Control Panel.