Broadcast Pix Launches Church Pix Streaming System

Broadcast Pix Church Pix
(Image credit: Broadcast Pix)

TYNGSBORO, Mass.—Broadcast Pix is now offering the Church Pix live production and streaming solution designed for the House of Worship market. Church Pix is a turnkey platform meant for ease of use by church production volunteers to stream worship services online.

The Church Pix platform comes with two RoboPix PTZ cameras with 20x optical zoom, integrated remote control and mounting brackets; PC hardware and IP switch; a royalty-free library of clips, stills and graphic templates; instant streaming and recording; audio inputs that support Windows Audio devices, including NDI, Dante and external USB convertors; and a software control interface that automates common production tasks.

The user interface features macro buttons for moving a camera or adding a graphic, as well as others actions. Uses can start creating productions using the default design and create customized buttons and macros as they become familiar with the system, including full control of the RoboPix cameras.

For installation, users can connect the included server to the switch and then to the cameras using a single Ethernet cable. The cameras and server support NDI, allowing for self discovery. The audio from the house PA is then brought in through either a Digital Network or through a USB interface. 

Church Pix systems can stream to up to five online destinations and record internally or on external USB simultaneously, and then archive the content in the cloud or on a website.

Broadcast Pix is offering the Church Pix system for $7,995 and will begin shipping it in late April. For more information, visit