Brightcove Debuts Context Aware Encoding Video Compression Technology

BOSTON—Brightcove users now have the change to access a beta version of its new Context Aware Encoding video compression technology that is designed to improve video quality. Using machine learning and deep video analysis, the platform aims to maximize visual quality while reducing storage and delivery bandwidth requirements by up to 50 percent.

Context Aware Encoding analyzes individual videos and optimizes them for the target device and bandwidth profiles. Video parameters like resolution and framerate are optimized, as well as codec parameters like bitrate, codec profile and level, to create the appropriate adaptive bitrate ladder.

This new technology also creates a custom encoding profile that is configured to the combination of individual videos’ content complexity and viewing environment. Brightcove has also reduced the number of renditions created and provides automatic adjustment for the bitrates to provide savings on storage and bandwidth.

Current Brightcove Video Cloud customers can participate in the Context Aware Encoding beta program through Brightcove.