Bridge Technologies launches new monitoring probes for DVB-T2 and OTT

Bridge Technologies, a privately held broadcast monitoring company based in Oslo, Norway, has launched an OTT (Over The Top) service analysis package, and what it claims to be the world's first complete monitoring system for DVB-T2 MI (Modulator Interface). T2-MI is part of the DVB-T2 specification, used for contributing streams from the master head end to regional sites. It is important for operators, especially in single-frequency network (SFN) applications, where it ensures accuracy, allowing scheduling and allocation decisions to be made at the central head end.

Bridge Technologies will display the DVB-T2-MI monitoring system at IP&TV Turkey 2011 in October. This will include the VB252 monitoring probe for DVB-T2 networks, and the monitoring solution for DVB-T2 including the T2-MI protocol, featuring external GPS lock for accurate drift monitoring of for SFN networks, available from Q4 2011.

The company has also introduced a traffic analysis option for monitoring and analysing IP protocols and services across its range of VideoBRIDGE probes. This allows operators to combine monitoring and analytics of broadcast/IP streams and all OTT services under a single unified VideoBRIDGE environment, with consistent display and reporting features.