Bridge Technologies introduces monitoring, analysis system for DVB-Ts

Bridge Technologies has launched a complete system for monitoring and analyzing DVB-T2 transmissions with comprehensive support for the T2-MI stream format.

Part of the DVB-T2 specification, T2-MI is used for contributing streams from the master headend to regional sites in a highly efficient and controlled form. T2-MI provides important advantages for operators, especially in single-frequency network (SFN) applications where it ensures accuracy, allows all scheduling and allocation decisions to be made at the central headend, and lets each modulator in the network unambiguously create an identical on-air signal.

However, the complex T2-MI formatted streams are structured in a way that make them inaccessible to standard monitoring systems — until the introduction of the DVB-T2-MI option for the VB120 or VB220 probes.

With the new dual-input VB252 DVB-T2 RF interface, the system provides complete visibility and packet analysis of both outer and T2-MI inner streams together with accurate drift monitoring for SFN networks, impulse response analysis, and high-quality MER measurement and level readings.