Boston College Adds HD With Gepco

David Raynes
As specialists in converting broadcast facilities from SD to HD, we've seen a significant rise in interest from companies looking to make the switch over to high-definition video during the past few years.

Boston College approached us about a three-year project that involved the rewiring of its Silvio O. Conte Forum video control room for high-definition. This is a high profile venue that has been the heart of the Boston College athletics program ever since it opened in 1988. From October through March, its main arena is the home of the Eagles' men's and women's basketball and hockey teams, and some of the most thrilling sports action in Boston.


We knew that a lot of cable would be involved in this project, and that we would need a reliable cable manufacturer. We sought a company that could provide us with a high quality, state-of-the-art product meeting all of the technical parameters, as well as our own tight renovation schedule. Having used Gepco cable for the past 10 years, and always having had my expectations exceeded, Gepco became the logical choice for the project.

I first became acquainted with Gepco cable products when I was working as a consultant for CBS Television's sports operation, where I did stadium broadcast installations and rewiring jobs. The engineering people at CBS had been using Gepco cables for some time then and introduced me to that company's products.

It didn't take long before I became a convert and started using Gepco cable products in my own projects, a practice that continues to the present day. I've found that with its precision construction, cables produced by Gepco provide superior transmission over the long distances that are part of the landscape in sports stadium and arena video and audio installations.

Although we were rewiring for high definition at the Conte Forum control room, the majority of the equipment installed there had to transmit in standard- and high-definition modes and the configuration engineered had to be able to provide connectivity for both. That's why we installed some 5,700 feet of Gepco's VDM230 coax cable—more than a mile—in connection with the router matrix and production switcher. The VDM230 is a miniature coax that features exceptionally low attenuation for its type, while still maintaining a low profile in terms of size and weight.


In addition to producing high-quality cable and material, Gepco people have been incredible in other ways too. Throughout the years that I've been a Gepco cable user, the company's customer service team has always been outstanding. Performing installations at a stadium or arena is always frustrating, with lots of curve balls thrown at you, but Gepco has always been there to back us up in the few instances when assistance is needed with cabling. A phone call concerning any issue at all is dealt with quickly and effectively. Gepco offers great customer support and rapid order fulfillment. With Gepco's fine products and their outstanding service, we completed the Conte Forum HD makeover right on schedule.

David Raynes is the co-owner of Little Bay Broadcast Services, a broadcast system integration firm located in Madbury, N. H. David has worked in the broadcast industry since 1973. He may be contacted

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