Bolin Technology Introduces 4K PTZ Camera In U.S.

LOS ANGELES—Bolin Technology announced its U.S. market launch with the introduction of its VCC-8 Series line of 4K compact PTZ cameras.

The Bolin VCC-8 Series models facilitate an upgrade path from 2K to 4K by enabling capture of images in a user-selectable range of resolutions, from 1080p to 4K.

The Bolin VCC-8 Series models are available in three configurations: the VCC-8-4K12S-SM with HDMI output, the VCC-8-4K12S-SB with HDBaseT output, and the VCC-8-4K12S-SMAT with motion tracking.

Compatible with ONVIF and VISCA protocols, the Bolin VCC-8 Series cameras produce images in 4K, 1080p and 720p. The cameras incorporate the latest DSP technology and a 1/2.3-inch high-sensitivity CMOS sensor with a 12x large aperture zoom lens for resolution up to 8 megapixels.

A pan-tilt head, driven by proprietary Bolin motor technology, results in movement from 350-degree pan to 120-degree tilt angles. Bolin said its proprietary motor control system technology enables capture of both slow and fast-moving objects without excessive vibration and bounce.

A “color shading” function allows greater accuracy in adjustments of special object colors. An auto-tracking feature automatically follows moving objects or individuals within the camera view.

The Image Stabilizer feature detects and corrects slight moving conditions of the camera for stabilization of picture.