Bluebell Introduces Hothead Silhouette for Remote-Cam Operation

BERKSHIRE, ENGLAND—Bluebell Opticom has a new tool for 4K robotic-camera productions, introducing the Hothead Silhouette, an end-to-end, self-contained power, control and video tool. The Hothead Silhouette replaces copper cabling with one hybrid cable and allows camera operators to sit away from the robotic head.

In the Hothead Silhouette’s fully integrated system is a combination of 4K UHD transport, an open-architecture data-control system and up to 60 W of power insertion. Users can place the portable unit between the robotic camera head and the base station, and with the addition of an external interconnect users can remotely power, control and receive 4K UHD pictures from a robotic camera head over a single hybrid fiber cable at distances up to 20km.

With the Hothead Silhouette, operators can manage robotic heads from the same place as standard manned cameras and all control, services and ingest can be sent via fiber to a production truck and consolidated with other production facilities.

Bluebell is now offering Hothead Silhouette and will showcase it at IBC 2017 at booth 10.F24.