Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve, Fusion 9 VFX Star for Lifetime Movie

CHICAGO—When it came to bringing my latest project—the thriller film “My Daughter Was Stolen,” which premiered on the Lifetime Movie Network March 9 after a run in select theaters—to life, I knew I could rely on Blackmagic Design for my production and post-production needs.

For this project, I relied on the DaVinci Resolve 14 Studio editing, color correction and audio post application and Fusion 9 Studio visual effects (VFX) software.


As the post supervisor and colorist for the project, the team and I used DaVinci Resolve Studio for color grading, editing and sound design. In post, DaVinci Resolve Studio truly shined, allowing us to switch back and forth between editing and color grading via the collaboration mode.

We edited the film while it was still being shot, so this feature was a standout. For example, we would copy the previous day’s footage to the server via the clone tool and then our assistant editor would edit the metadata and label the clips by scene and take, all while our editor was editing the clips already finished. DaVinci Resolve Studio handles 4K RAW footage, so we never had to downgrade the quality. Saving time on things like this allowed the assembly edit to be completed in a day or two after filming wrapped and allowed me to color grade simultaneously.

I also relied on several of DaVinci Resolve Studio’s new features like the Match Move filter, which helped me replace pictures and videos on television screens and cellphones. The advanced trimming tool was also very intuitive, allowing me to be very precise and quick.

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Our dialogue editor, who was in charge of adding sound effects, music and creating the final mix, used a combination of DaVinci Resolve Studio’s edit page for audio editing, as well as moved to the Fairlight Audio Interface page for setting up sub groups, main outs, dynamic filtration and final delivery stems. The addition of Fairlight audio to DaVinci Resolve 14 has really made a difference, as we can deliver projects the way we want without having to use other programs. Not only do we have advanced color grading and editing in one program, but we also can set up subs and mains and route everything accordingly, output the master and separate left, center and right surround channels all in one step.


The only thing not done in DaVinci Resolve Studio was specific VFX, which was done in Fusion 9 Studio (all the green screen compositing was still done in DaVinci Resolve Studio), as well as some sound effects and foley editing, but we brought that into the program later as stems. While working on VFX, our artist relied on Fusion Studio’s planar tracking options and superb roto tools to isolate tracking areas. Some scenes that stand out include enhancing smoke and fire inside a burning room, creating a bullet that impacted a subject’s body with blood coming out of the wound and a cigarette bursting into flames that was on the floor.

The ease of use and how each product works so seamlessly with each other makes any creative’s job a dream. Blackmagic Design is truly reliable and allows you to do what you do best—create.

Ari Golan is an award-winning director and cinematographer and president and CEO of Atomic Imaging, Inc., and Golan Studios/GPI. He can be contacted

For more information, visit or call 408-954-0500.