Blackmagic Router Perfect Fit For D2 Productions

The backplane of Blackmagic Design’s Compact Videohub router

MARLBOROUGH, MASS.—Live event video production is the heart and soul of D2 Productions, a full service video production and streaming media company. As we work with clients in a variety of markets—including corporate, entertainment, sports and education— we have to be flexible enough to meet their specific needs. This includes recording packages for airing on a major television network or producing live stream pay-per-view or free online content.

This need for complete flexibility is why we created Genesis, an HD mobile unit that includes a three-bench main control room complete with rear audio and video room. This 24-foot trailer contains a multitude of state-of-the-art equipment, with a Blackmagic Design Compact Videohub router and four Videohub Smart Control panels comprising the core of the operation and allowing us to move signals around wherever we may need them.

Space is always at a premium inside a mobile production vehicle and the Blackmagic Designs Compact Videohub provides us with big router performance in a very compact form factor. Its 40 x 40 SDI routing capability is packed into a mere 2RU space. We also benefit from automatic SD, HD and 3 Gbps HD detection, reclocking, and built-in Ethernet, USB and serial router control interfaces.


While the Videohub Smart Control lets me instantly route from the push of a single button, it also provides software control that lets me perform routing operations from my iPad. This enhanced mobile workflow further increases our flexibility and saves additional space inside the truck, as I can route from virtually anywhere inside or outside it.

In addition to myself, our staff typically includes a producer, technical director, replay controller and video operator who all depend on the Compact Videohub and Videohub Smart Controls. The Compact Videohub also handles our instant replay system’s inputs and outputs (vital to any sporting event), as well as VTRs and six frame sync channels. The router also accommodates inputs for our live cameras and utility feeds.


We often have as many as eight recorders going to capture everything, especially at sporting events. Each of the Genesis truck’s three benches are equipped with I/O panels for patching devices. Audio and video wiring could be a problem if it weren’t for the Compact Videohub routing system which has helped us keep it under control. The Compact Videohub provides me with plenty of capacity to ensure the correct video sources are fed into the right recorders, and I can direct this remotely from my iPad if I so choose.

It’s only been a little more than a year since we rolled out Genesis, but the response has been amazing. This proves it’s a unique offering that was previously missing in the live production market. Our customers have included professional wrestling, NCAA men’s soccer and Ivy League football, not to mention 2013’s Super Bowl XLVII, and we’re looking forward to many more.

Dave Walzer is a general partner at D2 Productions and has been involved in video production in the Boston area since 1986. He may be contacted

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