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Bittree unveils E-Series video patchbays

At IBC2009, Bittree showcased its new E-Series of 2 x 24 video patchbays featuring 1-24 silk-screened numbering on both the front and back panels for easy circuit identification. This convenient numbering not only eases installation, but also simplifies future system design changes.

The E-Series is built in the larger, more spacious WECO format, making it easier to work with in tight quarters. In addition, the E-Series is built with front-loaded jacks, which makes testing and replacement simple. As with all Bittree video patchbays, the E-Series jacks conform to SMPTE 292M and SMPTE 424M standards and offer 75ohm impedance with low return-loss.

The jacks can be ordered in four different configurations: self-normaling/terminating; self-normaling/non-terminating; non-normaling/terminating; and non-normaling/non-terminating.