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beyerdynamic introduces portable camera-mount receiver

Germany-based beyerdynamic has introduced the KE 900 Camera Receiver. Equipped with a durable, weatherproof aluminum housing, the KE 900 is made to withstand the extreme conditions of ENG applications while operating across a generous 24MHz bandwidth.

The KE 900 is compatible with transmitters from the company’s Opus 900 wireless system. Finding and programming an open frequency is a simple operation. Using the Automatic Channel Targeting (ACT) function, users can identify and select an interference-free frequency, then sync to the corresponding transmitter via infrared link.

The KE 900 comes equipped with a LCD screen that shows transmitter battery level, frequency, channel, squelch and both audio and RF level. A control lock function protects against inadvertent changes during use. Optional accessories include adapter plates to connect the receiver directly to a Sony or Ikegami camera slot, making it adaptable to any ENG setup. An external DC power supply or a battery power adapter can power the KE 900.

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