Bexel Expanding Fiber Optic Rental Inventory

BURBANK, CALIF.—Bexel is stocking up on fiber optic cables, announcing an investment in its fiber optic rental inventory via a press release. As part of the expansion, Bexel has added a quarter of a million feet of fiber optic cable from TAC-4 to TAC-72 strand cable, plus SMPTE camera cable; MultiDyne and Studio Technologies fiber transport solutions have also been added.

Specifically, the investment features MultiDyne SilverBullet fiber transport solutions for transmission of SD, HD and 3G & 12G SDI signals on single mode fiber. The VF9000 fiber transport system with 12 3G HD-SDI and one Ethernet path over two strands of fiber is also part of the expansion. There is also the MultiDyne Hut SMPTE to tactical fiber cable converter for conversion and re-conversion back to SMPTE that is now part of Bexel’s HDX Shed fiber inventory.

The Studio Technologies gear recently added includes the Model 400 SDI-Over-Fiber transport system, with 12 3G HD-SDI paths over four optic cables. Bexel also now has a Live-Link Jr. remote camera interface to support two paths of 3G HD-SDI, Line/IFB and two wire or four wire intercom on one or two strands of cable.

“Our latest investment ensures that our customers can utilize a wider variety of cable lengths and strand counts with the combination of signal paths they require, coupled with the high quality and flexibility they expect from Bexel,” said Tom Dickinson, vice president of Technology at Bexel.