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Bexel Buys $500,000 in TSL Gear

BURBANK, CALIF.: Bexel announced a major continued investment in precision audio monitor systems from TSL Professional Products. Bexel will add the new gear to its rental inventory, integrating it heavily into the flypacks the company provides as part of its complete turnkey solutions.

The nearly $500,000 investment includes the initial purchase of TSL’s PAM1-3G8, PAM1-3G16 and PAM2-3G16 audio monitoring units. Designed for use throughout entire broadcast facilities, TSL’s precision audio monitoring series delivers top performance in a compact and intuitive package. Featuring OLED display technology, optional multi-format Dolby signal decoding and the unique “scroll-to-hear” user interface, the PAM series has become one of the world’s favorite rack-mounted multichannel audio monitoring solutions.

Bexel said it planned to rent more than 40 units for the Olympics as well as add an additional 40 units to its rental inventory, for a total of 80 units.