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BetaResearch and Scopus Build betacube for PayTV Use

BetaResearch teamed up with Scopus Network Technologies to create betacube, a combined system for PayTV applications.

betacube is a conglomeration of BetaResearch's DVB-compliant betacrypt 2 Conditional Access system, the betanexxt customer care and billing system and Scopus' CODICO product line. betacube targets small to mid-sized PayTV operations and cable or DTH networks.

betacrypt 2, designed for DTV use, has new security features such as 128-bit key length, an adaptive security architecture enabling extended system life cycles, dynamic SmartCard algorithms and DPA resistance. Betanexxt reacts to market trends with modified service offerings, the acquisition of new customers and adaptation to existing business models. Scopus' Digital Turnaround is the base of betacube, supplying an expandable modular system predicated on professional receivers, decryptors for transport stream decoding and decryption and statistical remultiplexing.