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Belden introduces plenum mini digital coax cables for high-quality HD, SDI, digital video applications

Belden has made available its Brilliance 1855P cable, a plenum version of Belden’s 1855A non-plenum, subminiature 59/U digital coax cable.

Belden’s 1855P cable is designed and engineered to deliver the same digital video signal transmission performance and reliability that has made 1855A so popular in the professional broadcast industry.

Both versions of Belden Brilliance mini digital coax cables are ideal for connection of HD, SD and digital audio equipment in professional and commercial applications, including broadcast and cable TV stations, sports stadiums and arenas, convention centers and other large facilities requiring high-quality digital video. And both cables are 100 percent sweep tested from 5MHz to 4.5GHz.

Rated NEC/CEC CMP, the new 1855P cables feature a high velocity foam FEP Teflon dielectric, foil plus braid shield and a flexible Flamarrest PVC jacket, which is available in 10 different colors. The cable is designed with the same diameter as the 1855A, so installers can use the same type of connector — eliminating the need for different tooling and connectors and reducing assembly time and cost.

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