Bebob introduces LUX LED field lights

Bebob Engineering has introduced the LUX LED-40 and LUX LED-60, two new portable LED lights created for video production in the field.

The LUX LED-40 was designed to be used primarily as a hand light. The system is outfitted with a standard yoke mount for attaching to a stand when a shooting scenario calls for hands-free lighting. The LUX LED-60 was designed to function as a location light, mounted on a stand. It comes equipped with a handle for optional use as a handheld unit.

The LED-40 and LED-60 are capable of generating greater brightness at lower power consumption when compared with standard tungsten light systems. The arrangement of the units’ high-output LEDs allows for smooth variable focus of the illumination angle. Output is dimmable with daylight color temperature at full saturations.

Both lighting units are available for Anton Bauer, V-Mount, or PAG battery mounts. Powered by a 12V lithium-ion battery pack, the LED-40 provides more than two hours of continuous illumination, while the LED-60 offers more than one-and-a-half hours. A kit containing three lighting stands in a carrying case may be ordered separately for the LUX LED-60.

The lights are distributed by 16x9 and are available now.