Beat the Traffic Adds Live Content

Beat the Traffic 3D is demonstrated in South Upper Hall
Beat the Traffic CEO Andre Gueziec announced major improvements for Beat the Traffic 3D, the award-winning product that pioneered sophisticated traffic monitoring. “By adding live traffic information on surface streets, interactive video integration, and the ability to pinpoint real-time traffic speed at any point on the roadway, Beat the Traffic’s broadcast product truly delivers a new level of distinction in traffic reporting,” Gueziec said.

SDI video can now be integrated into the broadcast report as full-screen or inset video. SpeedTips, another new feature, allows the traffic reporter to point to any portion of the roadway and reveal the speed of traffic. Beat the Traffic is also available as a free download app for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android. Now with more than one million users, the proliferation expands the available data, hence improving the accuracy of the product.

Mobile devices automatically transmit location information, and users have the option of reporting incidents with a single command. These apps are offered by television stations to enhance their branding and offer valuable services to their viewers. Gueziec announced 25 percent first quarter growth, with 50 television affiliates and presence in 110 North American cities.

—Geoff Poister, TV Technology