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BBS Lighting Debuts Bank LED Remote Phosphor Lights

ALEXANDRIA, VA.—BBS Lighting has announced that it is combining its Remote Phosphor LED lighting technology with Bank systems to create Bank LED Remote Phosphor lights. BBS has added its Remote Phosphor technology into the Pipeline 4-Bank 3-foot and 4-foot systems.

With the new technology, 4-Banks is now able to deliver 95+ Television Lighting Consistency Index. Remote Phosphor Pipes feature a phosphor layer positioned away from LEDs to provide a higher TLCI over its use, according to BBS. The lights are also now rated at 50,000 hours.

The 3- or 4-foot long, 1-inch diameter LED Pipes used in the 4-Banks provide light emissions over 1000 lumens per foot. The light is powered off a 48V power supply and a built-in four-channel control that offers eight or 16 bit DMX and manual dimming, as well as strobe capability. The lights also features a 1/10-inch remote phosphor covering.

The Pipeline 4-Banks are available in 3200-degree K, 4300-degree K, and 5600-degree K color temperatures. A bi-color model is also available in 3200-degree K and 5600-degree K.