BBC Television Centre chooses two new Studer digital audio consoles

The BBC Television Centre, in West London, has installed two Studer Vista 8 digital audio consoles for its Studio Six and Studio Four facilities. This follows the installation of a 72-fader wraparound Vista 8 into BBC Studios’ flagship Studio One in 2005.

Studio Six was the first studio to go on-air with its new Vista 8, having completed a console-only refit in five days. By contrast, in Studio Four, the Studer desk is being incorporated into a new infrastructure. When the refurbishment of TC4 is finished, the Vista 8 audio production format will be the most widely used at BBC Television Centre.

In Studio Six, the console will be used on a variety of productions, from light entertainment and comedy to sitcoms. The user-friendly ergonomics of the Vista 8 have already proved to be very popular among independent production companies like Talkback and Angst Productions, which regularly use Studio Six.

The two Vista 8 consoles are very similar in scale, featuring approximately 500 inputs in 72-fader and 62-fader wraparound layouts. The smaller of the two desks, in Studio Six, is fully wired so it can be easily expanded at a future date by the addition of more DSP.

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