BBC marks 10 years with ENPS

The Associated Press (AP) and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) this month marked the 10-year anniversary of the agreement to install ENPS — the electronic news production system — for its global broadcasting operation.

The ENPS installation at the BBC continues to be the largest broadcast newsroom operation in the world, supporting around 12,000 users responsible for all of the BBC’s radio and TV news programs.

ENPS tracks thousands of words and hundreds of hours of audio and video streaming in and out of the BBC everyday. It feeds online operations and helps the World Service broadcast in more than 30 languages.

The BBC selected ENPS in 1996 from an original slate of 65 companies. Since then, there has been a revolution in newsroom integration and constant refinement of the system. Initially, the BBC took on 4600 ENPS workstations. That number has grown to 7000 today, said Adrian van Klaveren, deputy director of BBC News.

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