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Product News

BT Broadcast:BT Satnet
BT Broadcast Services recently launched BT Satnet in the U.S. BT Satnet is a fully automated satellite transmission network that allows users to create a network for transferring video, voice, and data using a combination of mobile and fixed sites. The network is controlled by two central hubs, one located in London and the other in Los Angeles, used to manage the entire network by dynamically allocating satellite capacity.
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Broadcast Pix:BP Studio Remote Control Option
Broadcast Pix has added a new option to its Broadcast Pix Studio live television production system, which allows the Studio to be remotely controlled from panels located thousands of miles away. The system’s physical hard panels and browser-based soft panels are both IP-based, so they can control any studio on their network, including remotely. A panel can select a distant Broadcast Pix Studio system and control everything inside it.
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Chyron has introduced ChyTV, a dynamic television information display system that allows the addition of video graphics and text to an external video feed without disrupting the program, whether from broadcast TV, cable, satellite, CCTV, VCR or DVD. With the system, a video region can be resized and positioned from page to page with smooth dynamic transitions while graphic and text regions can be assigned to surround or overlay the video window.
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Dayang:D3-CG HD
Dayang has announced a 1080-line HD version of its D3-CG dual-channel character generator. It allows broadcasters and post production to create high definition 16:9 graphics, titles, and animation, including realtime letter-by-letter motion-path manipulation. Running on an open PC platform, it delivers 1080i-native multilayer graphics at 50/50.95/60 fields per second or 1080p at 23.967/24/25/29.97/30 frames per second.
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Gepco:DLC224 DMX Cable
Gepco has introduced its DLC224 DMX lighting control cable. A true DMX-type cable, the DLC224 series meets the USITT standard for DMX512 cable specifications—120? impedance, low-capacitance, double-foil and braid shield. In addition, DLC224 features an all-weather, extra-flexible TPE jacket that is exceptionally tough, abrasion-resistant and remains flexible in hot- or cold-temperature environments. Gepco also recently introduced a series of 110? digital audio twisted pair cables, the DS series.
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K-Tek:Avalon Boom Poles
K-Tek has brought to market its new Avalon Boom Poles for ENG, EFP, and DV production. Based on the design concepts of the K-Tek Klassik boom pole series, the Avalon family utilizes high-grade aluminum tubing to offer many of the same features of the Tek Klassik in a more affordable package. Every unit is fitted with the company’s pole top, featuring cable-retaining slots and a replaceable stainless steel threaded mounting stud.
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Lectrosonics recently introduced the TM400, a new wireless system designed for sound system test and measurement. The system uses Lectrosonics’ Digital Hybrid technology to encode the audio signal into a 24-bit digital data stream, and then transmits this signal via a proprietary coding method over an analog FM UHF carrier. This approach avoids the use of an analog compander while maintaining frequency responses of 30Hz to 20kHz ± 1dB and a signal-to-noise ratio of 107dB.
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Video Technics:Apella Video Clip Server 2.6
Video Technics has announced the Apella Video Clip Sever version 2.6. The software offers users a network-ready, multichannel server with automated ingest and playout, product compatibility, new archive solutions, and fail-safe on-air playout. The Apella VCS centralized media database is accessible to multiple users and applications simultaneously. A new centralized database supports multiple compression formats including DV25, DV50, and MPEG-2 media up to 50Mbps.
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