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Broadcast Engineer’s Reference Book
EPJ Tozer, editor-in-chief

BeldenMini High-Res Component Cables
Belden Electronics Division has introduced the Mini High-Res Component Video cables. The cables have precise 75ohm impedance and are return-loss tested to a minimum return-loss level of 20dB out to 3GHz. To lower the cables’ attenuation characteristics, Belden provides 25AWG (solid) bare copper conductors and an interlocked serve-over-foil shield design. The Mini High-Res cables are available in both non-Plenum and Plenum versions and are comprised of three, four, five, or six coaxes.

Cobalt Digital
8022 Up-Down-Cross Converter

Cobalt Digital recently introduced the 8022 advanced Up-down-cross converter. It features advanced de-interlacing and motion compensation, dual-rate 10-bit digital input and output, HD and SD 12-bit analog encoding, embedded audio with delay correction, and full aspect ratio conversion and user reticule overlays.

Digidesign has begun shipping ReVibe, a new mono, stereo, and surround reverb plug-in designed for Pro Tools|HD Accel systems. The 96-kHz-capable ReVibe provides nine entirely new reverb algorithms combined with more than 200 room types/early reflections. The room modeling algorithms allow combinations of different room reflections and coloration. Interactive displays are used throughout the ReVibe plug-in, making easier it to visualize and edit reverb characteristics.

Hall Research TechnologiesSC-VGA-2
Hall Research Technologies (HRT) has introduced the SC-VGA-2, designed to help operators fix video installs. It can produce a user-specified resolution independent of the incoming video sync rates. For example, a user can set its output to 1280 x 1024 and regardless of the resolution of the laptops, PC, or HDTV inputs, it will seamlessly up or downconvert the signal. Features also include YPbPr to RGBHV bi-directional conversion and video mirroring for teleprompting and rear-projection setups.

LARCANEclipse Series
LARCAN has introduced the Eclipse series of analog UHF transmitters, based on the design of its Magnum series of digital transmitters. Features include a state-of-the-art exciter for all broadcast standards, a patent-pending RF amplifier design featuring LDMOS technology, multiple regulated power supplies, a modular, hot-pluggable, fully redundant design, highly linear broadband PA modules and intuitive advanced diagnostics, an extensive monitoring system designed to simplify maintenance, and a versatile cooling system.

MULTIDYNE has introduced the FOS series of fiber optic routing switchers. The optical switcher is ideal for video broadcast, production, security, and other video applications requiring transmission, switching, and replication of high-quality optical signals. The fiber optic routing switcher is available in matrix sizes starting at 32 x 32 bi-directional optical ports. The FOS series is fully scalable to matrix sizes of up to 256 x 256 bi-directional ports. It delivers guaranteed, non-blocking, deterministic switched video over fiber optic connections.

Path 1 Network TechnologiesAx100
Path 1 Network Technologies has announced the availability of the Ax100, a new version of its Internet Protocol video routers designed to allow broadcasters to incrementally adjust their bandwidth with their changing network requirements. Available in a 1RU form factor, the Ax100 can be ordered initially as either a transmitting (Tx), receiving (Rx), or selectable Tx/Rx unit.

Ward-Beck Systems ALFA
Ward-Beck has introduced the ALFA (Audio Leveller for Audiophiles), designed to maintain a target level at the ingest or play-out point of the program chain. ALFA is based on the DA305 Digital Audio Processing Amplifier of the Serialboxx family of cards. As a card-based system, it offers a cost-effective method of controlling the level of multiple digital audio signals. Signal processing takes place in the digital domain and no artifacts due to conversion are introduced. Ward-Beck offers up to eight AES channels of control in a 1RU frame and 20 channels of control in a 2RU frame.