Azzurro Systems Tags Ikegami Monitors for TeamCam Project

Ikegami’s HLM -1704WR 17-inch HD /SD multiformat flat-panel color LCD monitor (outlined in red in this image for better visibility) is an integral part of the TeamCam HD System.
NORTHVALE, N.J.—The Azzurro Group was recently asked to create an HD network of 46 remote-control camera systems for a major sports broadcasting network. This package is known now as the "TeamCam HD System" and was designed and built by Azzurro Systems Integration, the Systems Integration arm of the Azzurro Group.

Each system is contained inside a flight case and integrates a highly customized array of rackmounted components. TeamCam HD is designed for live two-way interviews of players and coaches, as well as commentaries by analysts and other on-air personalities. TeamCam HD systems are deployed throughout a broad range of locations, including the training facilities of more than 30 professional teams, homes of analysts and air personalities, and league and network headquarters.


Video and control is transported via an MPLS private IP network from the remote sites to the network's headquarters located near Los Angeles. There, proprietary touchscreen-driven software enables the network to callup any TeamCam HD system and remotely control each camera's pan/tilt/zoom, focus, and CCU functions, as well as lighting, audio levels, IFB, intercom, and video routing.

With this system, the network can quickly and easily put any player, coach, or analyst at any location on the air without the need for any onsite production personnel. Adding video routing enables the league to receive ENG-style footage from the teams' production facilities, as well as being able to send the team's archival footage for their own productions. Installation of the first 38 systems was completed early in 2011.

Among the components needed to build the TeamCam HD portable flight cases was a 16:9 HD video monitor—one that was versatile and rugged enough to be transported.

After reviewing various brands and models, Azzurro selected Ikegami's HLM-1704WR 17-inch HD/SD multi-format flat-panel color LCD monitor. It displays superb video and has a number of excellent features. It's also rugged, with a metal-cased glass front that lends itself well to use in a flight pack. Especially important are its multiple inputs.

The network often needs to play back clips to analysts for them to see for commentary. In this case, the network takes an HD camera feed from the remote site and feeds back return HD video. The monitor allows switching between incoming and outgoing feeds for quality control purposes.

In addition to the main feed and return feed, the network is using the monitor's DVI input to view PC output at the touch of a button. The Ikegamis also include features such as a built-in waveform monitor and audio metering, which are invaluable for quick QC and troubleshooting. The monitor also includes a speaker, which is helpful if an earpiece isn't available for the talent.

Azzurro has always had very good success with Ikegami's products, and these monitors were no exception. We specify Ikegami monitors for just about every project we do because they work out of the box and deliver the kind of reliability integrators need.

Stephen Regina is project manager/senior project engineer at Azzurro Systems Integration. He may be contacted at

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