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Azzurro Systems Integration adds functionality to AzzurroCam production system

Azzurro Systems Integration has added functionality to its AzzurroCam production system to target news bureaus. Designed to offer a reasonably priced, all-in-one, high-quality HD video transmission solution, the system now supports HD, SD and anamorphic SD formats; can control box camera and robotics for higher-end studios or production facilities; and is available in a flypack configuration for portability. AzzurroCam is also ideal for sports arenas, insert studios or any facility requiring a robotically controlled single or multiple pan/tilt and zoom camera application.

The system features an easy-to-use menu that includes a proprietary touch-screen interface, so non-technical users can control multiple cameras and set-up functions, DMX lighting, audio mixer with two microphone inputs, and IFB audio levels. Operation can be accomplished locally or remotely via a PC-based control system that permits remote control of all functions, with presets, using intuitive on-screen buttons, or a joystick and control panel. The system seamlessly interfaces to IP, ASI or HD/SDI transmissions. A low-resolution video stream of the camera output is visible on the touch screen, allowing a remote operator to frame shots.

AzzurroCam is easily customizable for multicamera applications, or for single control of several locations. It comes equipped with a Sony robotic controlled HD/SD camera with pan/tilt, zoom, focus, aperture and camera painting.