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Axcera shows transmission solutions in Asia

Transmission solutions provider Axcera will display its full line of television broadcast, mobile media and MMDS equipment at the Broadcast Asia trade show, including its 6X liquid-cooled solid-state TV transmitter; the Innovator CX transmitter, translator, and echo canceling gap filler; and the 5720 series MMDS transmitter.

The 6X series liquid-cooled solid-state TV transmitter uses a frequency agile exciter and the latest LDMOS devices for broadband operation across the entire UHF band. Power amplifier systems operate at the highest power density available, reducing floor space requirements. The compact and modular design uses parallel amplifier and power supply modules, which can be removed and replaced while the transmitter is on the air. In addition, power supplies are configured for power sharing, and an N+1 power supply option is available for the highest level of reliability. The 6X series transmitter also features a progressive combiner, allowing you to start out with a lower power transmitter and easily add amplifiers as your power requirements increase without having to purchase a new combiner.

The Innovator CX is a compact and economical low power system that can be configured as a transmitter, regenerative translator or a low delay echo-canceling gap-filler to meet most low power requirements where space and cost are a consideration. The gap filler version, which outputs the same channel as the input, includes an echo-canceling, low delay processing engine, which provides significant cancellation of the undesired feedback signal from output to input, while providing minimal delay to avoid interference with the main transmitter signal. The Innovator CX offers many of the same features found in higher power transmitters, such as digital linear and nonlinear precorrection, a frequency agile exciter, broadband amplifiers and an available SNMP/Web browser interface.

Axcera will also display its 5720 series 2.5GHz to 2.7GHz MMDS/BRS/EBS transmitter for digital video wireless cable and fixed broadband wireless access transmitter systems.