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Axcera Mobile DTV Gear Passes CEA Test

Axcera, a Lawrence, Pa.-based manufacturer of television transmitting equipment, has announced that its Mobile DTV transmission equipment successfully passed an interoperability test at the recent "ATSC Mobile DTV Plugfest" event hosted by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). The testing involved verification of signal compatibility and performance with 12 different mobile receivers made by various manufacturers.

"We would like to commend the CEA on taking this initiative to advance the interoperability between manufacturers," said Richard Schwartz, Axcera’s vice president of marketing and product management. "We were pleased to have this opportunity to confirm that our ATSC M/H equipment worked very well and is in compliance with the new ATSC A/153 standard."

The formal acceptance of the A/153 standard in October spurred the CEA to set up the "Plugfest" for establishing signal compatibility between Mobile DTV transmission equipment and consumer receiver products.

A number of manufacturers are expected to be displaying and demonstrating Mobile DTV receivers at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Axcera will be demonstrating its complete ATSC M/H Mobile DTV transmission in the show’s Open Mobile Video Coalition TechZone.