Avlex introduces Superlux D108A dynamic vocal microphone

Avlex has introduced a new dynamic vocal microphone, the Superlux D108A. Designed for performing musicians and vocalists, the D108A offers world-class build quality to ensure sonic characteristics that can withstand the rigors of the road.

The Superlux D108A dynamic vocal microphone features a supercardioid capsule residing in a metal, shock-resistant housing with a foam mesh grille. The modular capsule exhibits excellent off-axis rejection and high gain before feedback. Featuring flat frequency response and a proximity effect optimized for the live performance, the Superlux D108A is said to provide extremely smooth, natural output quality across its 50Hz–16kHz frequency response.

Additional features include a locking switch plate to ensure against unintended movement of the on/off switch. The microphone’s all-metal construction features a modular design with gold-plated connectors and a charcoal-tones scratch resistant finish. The new Superlux D108A dynamic vocal microphone is supplied with a microphone clip and a protective carrying pouch.

For more information, visit www.avlex.com.