Aviom Pro64 audio networking products now shipping

Aviom has announced that it is now shipping several of its Pro64 Series of audio networking products. Based on Aviom's successful A-Net audio transport protocol, the firm feels the Pro64 offers a basic change in how audio will be transported, combining the flexibility of a digital network with the audio performance of an analog wire.

In this first wave, Aviom is shipping the 6416i Input Module, the 6416o Output Module, the MH10 Merger Hub and the ASI A-Net Systems Interface. The Pro64 Digital I/O Module and Mic Input Module will ship later this year. All have been designed from the ground up for audio networking without compromise, eliminating the inherent limitations of Ethernet to deliver unsurpassed fidelity, performance and flexibility.

As a network, a Pro64 system can distribute audio without being restricted by the physical locations of inputs and outputs or the direction of the signal flow. In auto mode, up to 64 channels (24b, 48kHz) are distributed throughout the entire network. Channels can be input anywhere in the system and output everywhere, regardless of network topology and layout.

For more information, visit www.aviom.com/pro64.