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Aviom debuts new Pro16 Output Module at PLASA

Aviom, developer of the powerful A-Net audio transport protocol, introduced its AN-16/o v.4 Output Module at PLASA 2008 in London. The new Pro16 Series output module simplifies connectivity with other manufacturers’ mixing consoles, amplifiers, powered speaker systems and recording devices.

Ideal for live sound reinforcement and other audio distribution applications, the
AN-16/o v.4 is compatible with a wide range of level requirements. Each pair of channels on the 1RU 16-channel digital-to-analog converter has a four-position output level switch with line level settings for +24dBu, +18dBu and +4dBu, plus mic-level output. All channels feature front-panel LEDs for signal present and clip. The AN-16/o v.4 comes equipped with locking DB-25 multipin connectors for analog audio outputs, reducing setup time.

The AN-16/o v.4 can be used both on the stage and at the front of the house. Adding a split for recording or broadcast is as quick as running a Cat 5e cable to the additional locations and connecting additional AN-16/o v.4 modules as needed. Any number of AN-16/o v.4 Output Modules can be connected in a system, providing unlimited lossless digital splitting of an audio stream.

The built-in A-Net expansion jack also allows easy integration into an existing Pro16 Monitor Mixing System as well as a path for building 32-channel systems (16 x 16 or 32 x 0) on a single Cat 5e cable. The AN-16/o v.4 is also fully compatible with the AN-16SBR System Bridge, which supports 64-channel systems in a variety of bidirectional configurations. All network connections on the AN-16/o v.4 use heavy-duty locking Neutrik EtherCon connectors. In addition, the AN-16/o v.4 can be connected to a Pro64 audio network by adding the ASI A-Net Systems Interface.

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