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Autoscript WinPlus Xlite delivers easy-to-use prompter solution for Maryland Public Television

When Maryland Public Television (MPT) was looking to update its aging prompter software, it turned to Vitec Group’s Autoscript for its new WinPlus Xlite system.

Many of MPT’s programs include talent introductions and video narration or are scripted programs, which benefit greatly from a reliable prompter system. MPT not only needed a solution for the varying setups of each of its productions, but it also needed something that would address the needs of a variety of staff operating the equipment. Autoscript’s WinPlus Xlite software proved to be both flexible and easy to use.

WinPlus Xlite is an entry-level version of the WinPlus product. A Windows-based software application designed to be used with teleprompting products, WinPlus Xlite provides users with the ability to control the run order and edit anywhere within the script, even when scrolling the on-air story, while leaving the prompt output unaffected.

MPT also purchased and is using Autoscript’s accompanying USB scroll control rotary desktop controller.