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Auralex’s SonicPrint goes green at InfoComm 2009

Auralex Acoustics will offer its custom-printed SonicPrint ProPanels manufactured with its first green acoustical panel, EcoTech, at InfoComm 2009. SonicPrint features “The Art of Sound” theme by blending unlimited design and style options for any room with the company’s green ProPanel product line, EcoTech.

SonicPrint ProPanels are fabric-covered acoustic absorptive panels designed as artwork. This exclusive offering opens the door to numerous décor options. Users are no longer limited to single-color fabric choices and can now outfit any space with paintings and drawings of any kind.

EcoTech acoustic panels are manufactured with a formulation of 65 percent recycled polyester fibers. The EcoTech family of products is designed with the environment in mind, yet retains the longevity and acoustical properties for which Auralex is known.

The new EcoTech acoustical panels will begin to replace the substrates of many of Auralex’s current panel products, including ProPanels, T-Coustic ceiling tiles and the ELiTE Custom Fabric System. The panels are easy to work with and will be available both unfaced (white) and with a black scrim face. There is no increase in cost to either the dealer or consumer.