Auralex snares acoustics in Yamaha drum showroom

Yamaha has selected Auralex Acoustics to assist with its drum showroom’s acoustical issues. The space, located in the Yamaha Artist Services facility, includes its artist relations drum and snare showrooms along with a recording studio. Available only by appointment to top artists, the audio quality of the studio and showroom needs to be top-notch.

“Our goal with the Auralex acoustical treatments was to create a more deadened sound to the room,” said Ken Dapron, Yamaha artist services director. “Auralex’s ProPanels not only helped with the isolation issues we were experiencing, but it tuned the room perfectly, enabling us to achieve a more natural drum tone.”

To ensure success, Auralex acoustically analyzed the room, and the main acoustical renovation involved was absorption and diffusion while also increasing the spaces’ isolation properties. In the main drum showroom, Yamaha installed 12 Elite CT45 ProPanels and 72 Elite B24 ProPanels scattered throughout the rooms’ four walls.

The snare drum room includes four T-Fuser diffusers, which were installed on the ceiling, and two boxes of 96 AudioTile Shockwaves (48 right concave, 48 left concave, 48 right convex and 48 left convex) that were strategically arranged throughout the room’s walls as well as placed in the center of the ceiling.

The recording studio was outfitted with 24 Auralex Elite B22 ProPanels, which were installed on the walls, three Elite c24 ProPanels on three of the four walls, three Elite CT45 ProPanels in three corners of the room, and six SpaceArray Diffusors located on both the ceiling and walls.

Yamaha requested that all ProPanels be obsidian in color to match the existing decor. For additional low-frequency control, Auralex also recommended that the B24 and C24 ProPanels be mounted with two-by-fours to create an air gap behind the panels.

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