Audio-Technica recharges its batteries

Audio-Technica has introduced the ATW-CHG2 two-bay recharging station for its new 2000 Series wireless transmitters. This unit charges ATW-T220a handheld transmitters and ATW-T210a UniPak transmitters in any combination, without the user removing the batteries from the transmitters.

The ATW-CHG2 includes a variety of protective features to preserve the transmitters. A built-in safety feature monitors cell voltage and automatically turns off the unit if problems are detected. The unit also will detect damaged or alkaline batteries and automatically shut off in their presence. Maintenance charging prevents battery self-discharge until the transmitter is removed from the charger. Two AA 2000mAh nickel metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries are included.

Other recent enhancements to the 2000 Series include the addition of a second operating frequency band (487.125MHz to 506.600MHz) for more flexibility and increased number of simultaneous channels. The transmitters’ designs have also been updated with charging contacts. Additionally, a two-position switch on the receiver turns the 12V AC antenna power on and off for use with powered antennas or other inline RF devices and accessories.