ATTO Partners With Dell EMC On LTO SAS Sharing Via Ethernet

AMHERST, NY—ATTO Technology today announced a collaboration with Dell EMC that enables LTO SAS tape library sharing via Ethernet networks.

With the aid of ATTO XstreamCORE ET 8200 storage controllers, it is possible to connect Dell EMC ML3 tape libraries to Ethernet, enabling new architectures and workflow possibilities, the company said.

“Adding Ethernet connectivity to Dell EMC ML3 tape libraries allows greater flexibility in data access, backup routines and in physically locating the hardware,” said Timothy Klein, president and CEO of ATTO Technology. “We’re excited to join with Dell in offering a backup and archive solution that’s not only cost-effective but gives customers more freedom than they’ve ever had with this type of hardware."

ATTO XstreamCORE ET 8200 is an accelerated hardware protocol converter. It connects Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) LTO tape drives to Ethernet networks via iSCSI, the company said.

Dell EMC ML3 LTO tape solutions provide secure backups that can be automated on a schedule suiting specific workflows, it said.

XstreamCORE ET 8200-Dell EMC ML3 combos are available exclusively through Dell EMC.

For more information, visit the ATTO Technology website.

Phil Kurz

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