Atomos, Panasonic Collab to Boost ProRes RAW Recording for Lumix S5 Cam

Atomos/Panasonic Ninja V and Lumix S5
(Image credit: Atomos)

MELBOURNE, Australia—Atomos and Panasonic have announced they have teamed to bring 5.9K full-frame Apple ProRes RAW recording to Panasonic’s Lumix S5 full-frame mirrorless camera when paired with Atomos’ Ninja V HDR monitor-recorder. This update gives the combo of the Lumix S5 and Ninja V the ability to record up to 5.9Kp30, 4Kp60 and 3Kp50.

Ninja V is able to monitor a RAW signal on its 5-inch 1000nit brightness HDR screen. Users can view the RAW image in HDR in a choice of HLG and PQ (HDR10) formats. There is also touchscreen access to tools like waveform, 1-1 magnification and focus peaking. The Apple ProRes RAW data is recorded onto a removable AtomX SSDmini or other SSD drive.

When working with Ninja V, the Lumix S5 camera can be used for handheld, shoulder-mounted, gimbal, Steadicam and in-vehicle production. The combination can also accommodate a 3.5K Super35Anamorphic 4:3 RAW mode lens.

These new features will be activated by a firmware update for the Lumix S5 and Ninja V by the end of November.

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