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Atomos Launches New Shinobi 7 Monitor

(Image credit: Atomos)

MELBOURNE—Atomos has announced its new Shinobi 7 monitor, which has the more expansive screen real estate of a seven-inch screen and the lightweight monitor-only function of the original Atomos Shinobi. 

With a calibrated peak brightness of 2200Nits, the Shinobi 7 can be used in the brightest of environments without the need for a sun hood or for conversion of Log inputs for HDR monitoring, the company reported.

The touch screen of the Shinobi 7 is designed to give users fast access to the most crucial camera features and improve their control of the camera. 

The monitor also supports HDR in the field with 10+ stops of dynamic range in real time from Log/PQ/HLG signals and HDR monitoring features. 

In addition to Log to HDR conversions, users can use custom 3D LUT to feed downstream to other devices or live feeds. They can load up to eight custom LUTs at any time via the SD card slot. 

More information can be found here