Atomos Debuts Ninja V Pro Kit

Atomos Ninja V Pro Kit
(Image credit: Atomos)

MELBOURNE, Australia—Atomos has announced the Ninja V Pro Kit, which Atomos has designed as a bridge between compact cinema and mirrorless cameras that can output Apple ProRes RAW via HDMI or SDI, record up to 12-bit RAW externally on Ninja’s onboard SSD and cross convert signals for monitoring and playout/review.

The Ninja V Pro Kit includes the Ninja V, AtomX SDI with activation for the new RAW functionality, HDMI to SDI cross conversion, DC to DTAP cable and AtomX 5-inch Sunhood. With all of this equipment, users can record RAW via SDI from Panasonic, Canon and Sony cameras.

The Pro Kit adds dual 12G SDI connectivity to the Ninja V, expanding its ability to offboard 10-bit 422 recording in edit-ready codecs or as proxy files. In playback mode, the Ninja V provides a lossless signal distribution with 2x 12G SDI and 1x HDMI 2.0 for simultaneous outputs up to 4K p60.

The addition of the AtomX SDI module to Ninja V more than doubles its I/O functionality. HDMI or SDI connections can be cross converted, DCI cropped and 4K to HD down converts for video signals to bridge equipment without the need for additional converters.

The Pro Kit can be powered in studio with the DC power supply, on-set with the DTAP cable or on-the-go with an optional NPF battery or any four cell NPF.

The Ninja V Pro Kit is now available for $949. Users that already have the Ninja V can add the AtomX and other components of the Pro Kit separately.

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