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Atlona Technologies adds three accessories to Mini DisplayPort product line

Mini DisplayPort (MDP) format compatibility has been a thorn in the sides of many AV users, but Atlona Technologies has come to the rescue. Always set on providing solutions for all AV issues one may encounter in any industry, Atlona has released three new Mini DisplayPort products to accompany previous products, such as their DVI to Mini DisplayPort converter, the DP200. Two such products are the AT-MDP12 and AT-MDP14.

Atlona Technologies’ AT-MDP12 is a two input to two output Mini DisplayPort splitter, while the AT-MDP14 works as a one input to four output MDP splitter. Both units are designed to enable computers with a Mini DisplayPort connection to be displayed on multiple Mini DisplayPort monitors simultaneously. These MDP splitters will even work with DisplayPort monitors, with the appropriate Mini DisplayPort-to-DisplayPort Atlona adapters. Along with supporting resolutions up to 2560 x 1600 and surround-sound audio of PCM 7.1 and AC-3, these units feature a USB connection, which is used to power the units as well as pass audio. With four sets of EDID formats, the AT-MDP12 and AT-MDP14 both provide fast switching between source and displays.

The third MDP product is a Mini DisplayPort KVM switch, which enables users to connect up to two Mini DisplayPort computers to a single display. This AT-MDP21 has two individual Mini DisplayPort inputs, four USB inputs, an individual Mini DisplayPort output and two USB outputs for keyboard and a mouse. Supporting digital video resolutions up to 1920 x 1200, the AT-MDP21 is perfect for users looking to use a single Mini DisplayPort Monitor with multiple Mini DisplayPort computers or sources. Along with the capability to be passive without the necessity of a separate power supply, the AT-MDP21 features two pushbuttons on the front panel, which allows users to select between sources.