Artel Video Systems enables interoperation between DL4000, Media Links MD8000 video transport platforms

Artel Video Systems has cooperated with Media Links to provide interoperability between its DL4000 and Media Links’ MD8000 video transport platforms. This enables customers to take full advantage of the MD8000’s strength as a networking platform and the DL4000’s strengths as a cost-, space- and power-efficient platform for edge and tributary applications. Interoperability tests included operation between Artel’s DLC300, DLC170AD, DLC170DA and DLC270 modules and Media Links’ MD8000-VIF. In addition to SD-SDI, DVB-ASI, HD-SDI and ATSC, the DL4000 enables the transport of Composite NTSC or PAL analog video over Media Links’ IP and SONET networks.

“As ILECs, CLECs and CATV operators expand their triple-play networks, interoperation between platforms becomes a critical part of their decision in choosing equipment. With that in mind, Artel has been careful to design the platform with industry-standard interfaces,” said Richard Dellacanonica, president of Artel Video Systems. “This enables the DL4000 to interoperate with many IP- and SONET-based networking products including Media Links MD8000. We will continue this design methodology as we expand the platform.”

Released in 2007, Artel’s DL4000 is a state-of-the-art video transport platform designed to meet requirements for reliable optical transport of broadcast-quality video in all standard formats including 3G-SDI. Designed for use by telcos, CLECs, cable TV operators and video service providers, the DL4000 is a space- and power-efficient, flexible and cost-effective video transport platform. Media Links’ MD8000 is a next-generation media networking system that provides flexibility and signal integrity for all types of video, audio and data transport applications.