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Appear TV features multiscreen delivery module at ABTA 2013

Appear TV is showcasing its multiscreen and OTT solution for its headend architecture at the ABTA 2013 Expo & Conference (I23) Aug. 6-8, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The module allows users to streamline the encoding and transcoding process while offering an easily integrated and expandable architecture, making it well-suited for streaming content for live multiscreen applications.

The Appear TV Multiscreen and OTT Module is a fully integrated, hardware-based system capable of simultaneously preparing multiple signals from any input source in any format for distribution to a HD television in the home, a high-resolution computer screen, tablets and lower-resolution Web- and mobile-based profiles.

The system accommodates specific device formats at different bit rates optimized for each destination device while maintaining a high QoS and reliability. The latest evolution of the Multiscreen Transcoding Module allows users to simultaneously transcode a higher number of HD and SD inputs with significant channel density in a hardware platform.