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Apollo debuts the Vitrine multidisplay digital signage unit

Apollo Display Technologies has introduced Vitrine, a standalone or wall-mounted multidisplay digital signage unit. Up to six TFT LCDs can be used to provide indoor advertising or customer information.

Vitrine uses Apollo’s Windows-based ArtistaControlCenter software (available separately) in conjunction with Apollo’s ArtistaUSB or ArtistaNET (LAN) controllers. One static image or a sequence of images as a slide show can be individually assigned to each display. The user uploads images from a USB stick to Vitrine, which has a storage capacity of up to 200 images. Future versions will provide an Ethernet connection to enable the importation of slide shows directly via LAN.

Vitrine measures 50.75in x 25.91in x 3.94in. Stationary or rotating floor/ceiling mounts are also available. Vitrine is solid-state, with no moving parts such as hard disk drives or fans. Because no Windows operating system is installed, regular operating system updates and virus protection are unnecessary.

Housing options include brushed aluminum (standard), imitation wood finish or natural wood cabinet. Display options include a transflective screen upgrade for improved readability in high ambient light applications and protective vandal-proof glass overlays for public applications.

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