Anton/Bauer showcases CINE VCLX batteries at CINEC 2010

Anton/Bauer, a brand of the Vitec Group, showcased its CINE VCLX batteries, SO-SF35 and SO-14/28 Snap-On belts and ARRI ALEXA power solutions at CINEC 2010 in Munich last month.

Anton/Bauer’s CINE power system provides ultimate power performance, extended run-times and flexibility. Ideal for remote locations, the CINE VCLX batteries are powerful enough to run a camera and stand-up light simultaneously for more than five hours. The safe and high-power-draw performance of the nickel metal hydride cell technology can also power microwaves, recorders and lighting, including HMIs and Litepanels’ 1x1 LED panels. The CINE VCLX includes two four-pin XLRs for 14.4V and one three-pin XLR for 28V and provides dual simultaneous outputs (20A at 14.4V and 12A at 28V).

The SO-SF35 and SO-14/28 Snap-On belts Snap-On Belts are an ideal solution for using current battery inventory and replacing old NiCad belts with any Logic Series batteries. They can also be used with any two Logic Series batteries and offer limited hot-swap capability for continuous power. The SO-14/28 for universal applications includes a four-pin XLR for 14.4V (fused at 10A) and a three-pin XLR for 28V (fused at 12A) and provides simultaneous 14.4V and 28V outputs. The SO-14/28 provides 28V output for all film cameras, digital cameras and 30V lighting as well as 14.4V output for cameras, recorders, lighting and other field production gear. The SO-SF35, designed specifically for the Sony F23 and F35 cameras, offers dual simultaneous voltage outputs via eight-pin LEMO connector at 14.4V (11V-17V range with 10A maximum) and 28V (12A maximum).

Anton/Bauer also provides a wide variety of power options for the ARRI ALEXA digital camera. With the QR Hot Swap-AR, operators can use two of the DIONIC HC or DIONIC HCX batteries for seamless hot-swapping and longer run times. A unique feature with the Anton/Bauer QR Hot Swap-AR allows battery communication to be transmitted to the camera. Also, the ALEXA camera allows users to hot-swap between the onboard battery and the CINE-VCLX series.