Antennas Direct Launches ClearStream 2 RV Amplified TV Antenna

ST. LOUIS—Summer is here, and as some people will hit the road in their RVs to travel the country, Antennas Direct has a new product so they can stay connected to a TV. The debut of the ClearStream 2 RV Amplified TV Antenna is designed to provide a greater range of frequencies so as to perform in remote or rural areas.

Antennas Direct designed the unit with an adaptive mast bracket, which allows customers to replace an existing antenna on an RV’s elevating mast. It comes with a preamplifier to maximize range—which the company says can go up to 60-plus miles—and deliver reliable UHF/VHF signals through dedicated UHD and VHF multi-directional elements. In addition, there is a reflector to focus the antenna’s power and provide protection against multipath interference. Installation cables and weather-resistant mounting hardware are included.

The ClearStream 2 is available exclusively from Antennas Direct’s website.